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Iowacityit.com support plans for our home and business clients.

Iowa City IT offers three tiers of comprehensive support plans for our home and business clients.  Learn more about our plans below.

Support Basic 01
Iowa City IT Support
Basic Plan

Our basic plan grants you priority in-store support from our experienced IT professionals.  You’ll also get the chance to special request any parts you may need ordered, as well as guidance if you’re building or installing any systems, from personal computers to home theater setups.

Support Intermediate
Iowa City IT Support
Intermediate Plan

Our intermediate plan delivers all the aspects of the basic plan, with a few added perks, such as: 

  • Two days of full-service support for your home or business per week. 
  • Access to our basic levels of Managed IT Services.  
  • Hands-on assistance for any on-site IT solution.
Support Expert 01
Iowa City IT Support
Advanced Plan

Our advanced plan combines the advantages of the first two, plus something extra, including: 

  • Five days per week of 24/7 IT support services. 
  • If needed, we’ll assign you specifically as a Managed Services client, and designate you for priority services. 
  • Access to specialized ordering and enterprise parts.  
  • Optional monthly meetings with our IT personnel regarding the status of your systems.