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Your one-stop shop for IT solutions for computers, laptop and electronic devices of all kind located in the heart of the Iowa City pedestrian mall for your convenience.

Secure drop-off PC repair in Iowa City.

When you come to Iowa City IT with your computer, you’re coming to some of the best computer repair specialists in Iowa City.

We offer drop-off PC repair services—that means you’ll be able to come in, leave your device with us, and that’s that! We’ll work on it while you’re gone, and give you a call when it’s ready for you to pick up!

What do I need when I drop off my computer?

  • If you’re bringing in a laptop, please bring in your power brick/adapter.
  • For desktop computers, you don’t need to bring in any cables, monitors, or mice – just the CPU tower. If you have a newer desktop that may require a power adapter, be sure to bring that in, too.
  • If you have any software you’d like installed, bring it in your computer.
  • Make sure to write down any passwords or usernames we may need to access your computer and any systems on it, as well as your name and contact information.

**Important note: Make absolutely certain that you back up any important files or essential data you have on your computer before you bring it in. Our technicians are experts, but hardware can fail at any time, so be sure you have copies of your data stored somewhere separate.

Our IT services in Iowa City Include:

Software Diagnosis

From the OS to your word processor, our IT services provide a comprehensive examination of any software problems you might be having.  

Virus Removal

Even computers get a nasty cold from time to time, but that’s no reason to panic.  Our knowledgeable technicians will thoroughly debug your system and help restore it back to full health.  

Data recovery

Your computer could have contracted a scammer’s virus, or maybe you just spilt coffee on the hard drive.   Regardless of how the damage occurred, you can rest assured an Iowa City IT technician will work to find a fix and get your data back.

Hardware Repair

Sometimes, screens crack, hard drives fail, mouses don’t work like they used to, and monitors go dark.  Don’t panic—you’ve got Iowa City IT nearby.  Our Iowa City computer repair store has qualified IT technicians who will be able to fix your broken hardware so its good as new.

Memory/RAM Upgrade

Maybe your computer is out of date, or maybe you need more processing power in order to edit videos, host online meetings, or even just play games.  Whatever reason you need it, an Iowa City IT specialist will help you upgrade 

The leading computer repair shop in Iowa City.

Iowa City IT is Iowa City’s premier IT company, with the best tech and experienced specialists committed to quality. We provide IT services and advanced computer repair to people in and around the Iowa City area.

At Iowa City IT, we pride ourselves in offering the best computer repairs and services to help meet your needs. From computer repair to digital marketing for businesses, we have you covered. No matter what you need, get in touch today for high-quality service!

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We’re your local repair company located right in the downtown pedestrian mall of Iowa City, IA. If you’re in need of IT services in Iowa City for a business or a personal device, get in touch with one of our representatives below!

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Fast & Efficient

You’ll have your equipment up and running before you can say “IT”.

Advanced Solutions

The best tech, the best people, the best results.

Friendly & Reliable

Your friendly neighborhood IT Services and Computer Repair Shop.

Friendly & Reliable

Your friendly neighborhood IT services and computer repair shop.

Experienced Pros

Any trouble you might be having, our repair staff has seen it before.

Experienced Pros

Any trouble you might be having, our repair staff has seen it before.

Competitive Prices

High-quality and cost-effective services for the discerning customer.

Convenient Queues

No more blind waiting rooms—you’ll be in-the-know every step of the repair.

Local customers that trust our tech support!

Meet some of our local customers that trust us with their tech!


Software Repaire solutions

Having issues with your computer software?

We know how to handle the hardware and software IT issues on your devices so that you don’t have to.

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Data Recovery

Don’t let a nasty virus or a busted hard drive be the end of your data.  If there’s a way to get it back, we’ll find it.

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Virus Removal

No matter what your device may have come down with, our dedicated IT professionals will bring it back to health.

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OS Reload

Smooth, painless OS reloads that return your system to “like-new” status, all while keeping your data intact.

More hardware repair and installation services.

Hardware repair and installation services for the devices you most depend on.

Custom PC Build
Hardware Repair
Hardware Installation
Locate & Order Parts
Printer Setup
Home Theater Device Installation
Security Camera Setup
Network & Router Setup
Start Your Repair
Apple Computer Repair
Laptop Repair
Drop Off PC Repair
Home PC Repair
Emergency PC Repair
Screen Repair