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User access control IT services in Iowa City.

There are many ways to maintain system security, but user access controls are often the simplest and most effective. By restricting system access to only those who need it, you can help keep your data safe and secure. The use of single-sign-on authentication tools is also becoming increasingly prevalent, which makes managing access control easier than ever before.

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Why are user access controls important?

User access controls form a sort of basic grid of quality control and assurance when it comes to administrative properties.  Not only do they establish an effective framework for ingress and egress into and from a corporate structure, but they also provide useful tools when it comes to areas such as security and compliance, task designation, internal operations, and more.

Benefits of user access control IT services:

A few examples of user access controls.

New User Approval

As part of the process of granting new access, it is essential to have independent verification that the access is appropriate. This can be done by tracking it through a ticketing system and having approval from the user’s line manager, the defined system owner, or an authorized representative for external organizations.

Terminations Process

When an employee is terminated, their access to company resources needs to be immediately revoked. This sounds simple, but in practice it often fails due to a lack of clear process for notification and identification of all access points. A terminations checklist is the best way to ensure that all necessary steps are taken.

Segregation of Duties

It is important to keep different duties separate in order to reduce the chances of fraud or mistakes. Having one person responsible for two tasks, for example both developing and releasing a project to production, or approving their own actions, can lead to them bypassing established procedures.

Periodic Access Review

A periodic access review is an important way to ensure that all users have the correct access privileges. By reviewing the system access at a certain point in time, you can identify any errors or changes that may be needed. This can help ensure that terminated users are removed, the correct privileges are given, and role changes are made as needed.

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